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...excellent work!

..you did a wonderful job - I wish you luck with it

The book is an impressive work...

The Transcriptionbook


- Featuring the 5 drumvirtuosos and - visionars VINNIE COLAIUTA, DAVE DICENSO, PETE ERSKINE, OMAR HAKIM and CASEY SCHEUERELL.

- 1273 (!) accurate transcribed bars in finest and famous Terra Drummica quality.

- 7 complete transcribed songs:

with Vinnie:
"Stay With Me" and "Santa Rosa" , both from Gino Vanelli’s "Nightwalker"-album
"Secrets" from Alan Holdsworths "Secrets"-album
"Target" from GRP Superlive in concert

with Pete Erskine:
"Pools" from Don Grollnik’s "Hearts and Numbers"

with Omar Hakim:
"Plaza Real" from weather Reports "Procession"-album

with Casey Scheuerell:
"Aurora" from Jean Luc Ponties "Live At Montreux" album

- 7 mercyless humiliating drumsolos (5x Vinnie, 1x Dave DiCenso, 1x Omar Hakim)

- Detailed explanations and practicingtips, making it possible for the regular drummer to enter the world of real modern, virtous drumming.

- The CD contains the transcribed drumsolos by Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Dicenso.

- 108 pages, language: English, hardcover, ringfixation, with CD, price 28,- Euro/ 33,- US-Dollars/ 42,- SFR for postage and savety-packing.

Click here for some transcription examples of mine


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This book should be source of inspiration for you. You can study what some of the world’s best drummers are playing. What they are playing in drumsolos and what they are playing when accompagning other musicians. Both aspects are very important for a drummer. You should be a good "sideman" and a good soloist too. That’s not easy. I know good sidemen who avoid soloing and good soloists that have problems to integrate themselves into the music of someone else. Try to be a master of both. I want to give you an important advice for the work with this book: DON`T TRY TO COPY THOSE DRUMMERS, BUT INTEGRATE THEIR IDEAS INTO YOUR PERSONAL STYLE. I’ve got students who asked me to show them how to play like Vinnie Colaiuta. My reply is: "we listen to his records, we work us through the transcriptions and I explain you his world of rhythm - and after that, you forget your wish to copy him, it’s impossible for you to play like him, because you are not the person Vinnie Colaiuta with all his individual characteristics. You live in your personal psychological world and music is a manifastation of your own individual intellect and emotions. Learn the tricks of Vinnie, but find YOUR style." Vinnie is influenced by Tony Williams and Dave Weckl is influenced by Steve Gadd. You can hear that. But they don’t just copied. They took the ball and worked out new amazing ideas on it. And now THEY are idols and a source of insperation for the next generation of drummers and so on.... And don’t think in terms like ".....is the world’s best drummer". Who was the best pianist? Arthur Rubinstein or Vladimir Horowitz? Don’t make a competition. You can only say: " This is the drummer I like the most." It depends on your preferences. If you are a metal-oriented drummer, you won’t be too interested on Gene Krupa. You know what I mean? As Glenn Gould said:"Competitions are contraire to musicianship." If you like virtuosity, then it’s ok, but don’t do it to impress people. A lot of the stuff in this book is real virtuos. But also real musical. You aren’t forced to be able to play the complete book. There are a lot of cool licks in it, that are not too hard to play. Dicide for yourself. My main motivation for transcribing and practicing on them(not only my own) was the wish to learn new things. There was a point when I realised:"Damn, I’m always playing the same stuff." There were fill-ins and grooves that fitted the most to my physical concept of playing and so I played them all the time. Working on transcriptions forced me to make new movements and even when they were real easy I sometimes had problems to get into them. But when it worked I was truly satisfied. As I played in fusiongroups and bigbands with complex arrangements I couldn’t only play along with some ordinary bummbummbumm. I mean, there are compositions that are wonderful but they don’t give you the slightest idea of what to play on the drums to them. Two good examples are in this book: "Pools" and "Plaza Real". It is very difficult to find drumparts for these songs - drumparts that support and fit perfectly into the unnusual moods of these songs. Pete Erskine and Omar Hakim have found solutions that are brilliant. Their drumparts are a demonstration of enormous musical feeling and imagination. And look at it: there are no 32nds-killerpattern in it! Only warm, thoughtful drummming. That is it what makes a great drummer too: give him a song and he invents a drumpart that fits so perfectly that you can’t imagine it any other way. As if the composition was done for this groove. So I transcribed some drumparts due to my insecurity of what to play to a song. The first few rehearsals I played the transcribed drumparts note for note, but then I started playing more free, trying to bring in my own ideas. Let’s face it: the drumset is a very complex instrument, specially its integration into songs and it takes a lot of experience to do that job real fine. May this book help you finding your way. I have added small essays about each drummer featured in this book. These essays are absolutely subjectiv. You won’t find infos there you can find on any website or in a drummingmagazine. I just wanted to tell you how I got them to know and what I think is so special about them.
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