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Pimp My Groove

How to get a nice Halftime-Groove even nizza - to something I call it " Dnb - Halftime "

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Tolle Sache: seit Februar Rhythmusworkshop im Bläsermagazin CLARINO . Bis vorraussichtlich Ende des Jahres monatlich
Ich bin deshalb gerade dabei, auch hier meine Workshop - Abteilung auszubauen...wird cool. Bitte noch etwas Geduld. Danke!


        check out our new drumming network site Very Groove Trip

"Very Groove Trip" launched six months ago. Since then, we have surpassed 7,000 page views.
Our team has shared over 100 articles online, consisting of exercises, scores, videos and transcriptions.
More than 500 fans have "liked" us on Facebook, and every article from our website is instantly posted to our profile. 

For the next month, we want to offer richer and more varied content, for beginners and professionals alike. 

Our goal is to increase the visibility of "Very Groove Trip" and our team all over the world and on social networks.

"Very Groove Trip" is constantly growing and we are regularly publishing new have a look and stay tuned!

Please have a little patience while ordering my books and stuff - I´ve got no regular internet-access until 7.1.2013. Due to this the SHOP IS CLOSED.
From then on I will be there for you again.
Meanwhile have a marry x-mess and a happy new year!

Have a break, relax and listen to the new masterpiece of Heiner d´Alquen: his ´INCHROMES´ album.
Here you will find music far away from the mainstream - a truely individual world of sound.

Heiner d´Alquen has created a very personal style: complex rhythmic buildings, going along with harmonics and melodies that are inspired by classical music, jazz and modern music.

Sorry for my poor words trying to describe such amazing music...

Check it out now:

There are roumors about some real serious polyrhythmic stuff...
Have a look here:  

Cheers everybody - the SHOP is opened again!

I have produced 2 videos trying to enlighten you about the compositorical work of F. Chopin in his Etude no.4, op.10.
You can watch them at my YOUTUBE - site or here .

Ready for some melodic trance stuff? This time no polyrhythmic subdivisions....

Arpeggios by MixxiM

Here´s a new track in which I made use of horizontal polyrhythmic subdevisions...Is it 4/4? Or some odd time stuff? It depends on your point of view...
Anyway - it´s that kind of stuff that will fill my POLYRHYTHMIC - BOOK VOL 2. Oh - errr, I still have to publish VOLUME 1...the only thing I need now is a good drum recording location...stay tuned!

MixxiM-Disco Desaster1.0 by MixxiM

Recently i recorded a jam on my e-drumset. Later i added some ominous sounds
and the ice on the cake was added by my friend Heiner d´Alquen with some real
precious piano playing....listen and download if you like. Cheers!
Plastique Bertrands Revenge Upgrade 2.0 by MixxiM

The FREE PLAY ALONGS aren´t available temporarily because my traffic limit is reached.
Please try again in juni or be the first in over 2 years, the hero who donates some bucks
to me so I wouldn´t have to pay extra money for serving you with worthful play alongs.

As you know, Terradrummica is not only a site for brave drummer but also for brave pianists too.
I have found the remarkable piano - website of composer Alan Belkin with tons of informations
about piano technique and practising, composing, orchestration, counterpoint and much more. The main language
is englih. Some of the atricles are available translated into italian, french and german and more translations will follow.
Click here to enter this site.

Have a nice christmas and a great year 2010!
I´ve got some interesting news for you:
DAVE DICENSO has published his long awaited DRUMBOOK!
For more infos click HERE

What have we got here? oh, looks like a little Carter Beauford transcription

Hey Music Fans!
Long time no talk! I really appreciate you checking in and staying tuned to what I'm up to.
(thx Dave :-))
Not too much news, BUT - as so often - it´s the quality that counts.
Have a look at Zsolt Korompay´s great transcriptions at:
Zolt 01 and Zolt 02

And check out Terry  Branam´s great Dave DiCenso transcription
In case you still don´t have enough to do, work through further transcriptions of  Terry Branam

Big respect guys!

Please make sure that only the word "webmaster" is put before the @terra..... (see "CONTACT")!
I had to change this because of massive spam issues. Regards, Wolfgang

It´s been a while since my last post, but I can tell you that nothing significant in my music world happened.
Now here´s some interesting news: I´ve stumbled over a drummer named ULF STRICKER.
This guy is playing pretty cool and seems to be a nice guy too. Make sure to check out his YOUTUBE - Videos and to visit his website .

If you are into producing DRUM AND BASS check out this great tutorial videos.
Thanks to LM1 for this one!

Check out 2 instructive demos from my POLYRHYTHM BOOK 1. You can see the notes and hear me playing them. It turns out that BOOK 1 will deal with "easier" stuff like
4 over 3 and 3 over 4. Even this topic is so huge that it fills easily (more than) one book. And as you can see and hear I picked out the more "spicy" stuff. Nevertheless this
book will give you a solid guide for your way into and through the amazing world of polyrhythmical playing.
When the book will be available? Sorry, I can´t  give you an exact info - but I´m working as fast as possible. BUT: I don´t want to write another book with boring permutations.
I´m writing a book with each bar well thought, checking out the most exciting variations. So my work depends a lot on inspiration. And inspiration seems to me like a cat -
it´s a wonderful friend but it has its own life and visites me when SHE likes and not when I want it.


All of you who own DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 1 can download now the NEW AUDIO CDs for the book. I have recorded the complete stuff on an accoustic drumset and lowered the tempo of some tracks so it is more pleasureful to listen and work with it.
Click here for CD 1 (45 MB)
Click here for CD 2 (39 MB)

I have written an article about "automations in sequencer software" that should be helpful espacially for those of you who are new in this topic.
Click here

Check out this interesting article about polyrhythms written by Bob Brozman.

I have started a new section called "TIPS FOR...". By now it contains tips for recording, transcribing and piano. Check it out .

You are invited to listen to a great composition of the pianist and composer Heiner D Alquen called INVISIBLE DIFFERENCE for which I was invited to add the drums.

You are invited to listen to a drumsolo that I played at a DRUMCLINIC@THEWURSCHTLOCH .

I have recorded 3 drumtracks and speeded and pitched them up - with nice results. Somehow the fills remind me of the good old Billy cobham...If you want to use the tracks for your next drum & bass project feel free to use them.
Check out

Dave DiCenso in mordern drummer!
If you subscribe to Modern Drummer Magazine you may already have the January 2008 issue. If you do, check out the name on the cover, it might look familiar.
Check out page 86. Modern Drummer sought out Dave for an in-depth interview titled Modern Journeyman.

Want to know how to get the best out of your recorded drums and recorded stuff anyway? After endlessly searching for USEFULL, UNDERSTANDABLE and PROFESSIONAL material I have found something that feels optimal for me:
INTERNAL MIXING VOL.1 and VOL.2 by FRIEDEMANN TISCHMEYER. The DVDs are produced in English, German, Espagniol and French. Of course this Video Tutorial is not specialized on drumrecording but it is about all aspects about getting your mix down like the professionals. And even the long and detailed chapters about drums are worth the 2 DVDs. I have found a complete new entrance to mixing (and recording too) my drums and found the answers to all those questions - or THE QUESTION:
For more infos check out The only negative thing is that I have to remix all my favourite productions!

For those of you who are looking for a book that introduces you into the techniques of creating high quality electronic music I strongly recommend The Trance Experience by Torsten Fassbender. Check the link for more infos.
Great work Torsten!

New stuff for piano fans:
Again La Mer

Concerning all owners of my DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2:
I have rerecorded audio CD 1 of my DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2 in better audio quality and at slower tempos. You can download it HERE (6o MB).

For those of you who are interested in DRUM-RECORDING, MIXING, EDITING: have a look at RECORDBETTERAUDIO.COM .
I think that every drummer should know some basics of how to record and mix his instrument because it will prevent you from sitting helpless in a studio or on stage while some underqualified sound engineer ruins your sound.

Just listened to the HIROMI: ANOTHER MIND - CD....folks I can tell you: if you are a drumfreak go and get yourself this record and listen to the stuff DAVE DICENSO is playing on it... this guy is incredible!!Hard to say what is more impressive: Dave´s technique or his musicality...
Drumming at it´s best meets other worldclass musicians at their best!

IMPORTANT!! MY DOMAIN NAME is misused for sending SPAM-MAIL. I dissociate from that trash and say sorry, but there´s nothing a domainowner can really do against such small brained activities.

I´ve rerecorded the Salsa Solo from my Drummethod Volume 2 and it became so nice that I don´t want to deprive it of you.
Click HERE and enjoy!

For my piano fans: my improvisation over Blackbird from a band named "The Beatles". You know them?
I also have to tell you that I´m buisy on redesigning this page. So stay tuned and keep on donating...harhar...

NEW! The TERRADRUMMICA - SHOP has opened today! I recommend to have a look there quite often as I gonna offer there lots of new works in the next months!

The play alongs are online again.

Check this out: a collection of excellent TRANSCRIPTIONS of Simon Phillips, Manu Katché, Mel Gaynor and Eric Truffaz done by Lutz Mayer! He gave me his work to post it here for you...thanks a lot Lutz! Have a look at for more informations about this tough transcriber.

Check out 2 outstanding drumming videos:
- the first one is a clip that every drummer (and even notdrummer) must have seen:
MASCHINE DRUMOLO - an amazing animation that should fit perfectely into TERMINATER 2 or DOOM 3.
- the other video is DEREK RODDY giving an impressive demonstration in double bass playing without any cheap tricks....

Ever heard about MORGAN AGREN? It´s high time! Check out this video clip: Sol Niger Within
This video confirmed me to keep on my work on my´s exactely about the stuff that Morgan and Fredrik Thordendal (from MESHUGGAH) are playing. Let´s face it: this is not a TOP 40 tune...but those guys are walking consequentely their paths to new forms of music. In case you like that stuff go and get all Meshuggah recordings and Fredik Thordendal´s "Special Defects"!!

Hi! I´ve written an article that should be very useful for every´s about what other musicians expect us drummers to do and not to do. Click HERE .

Since months I´m working on a book about POLYRHYTHMICAL PLAYING and I can tell you that it will get REAL HOT!! The aim of this book will not only be a clear and easy to understand explanation of what polyrhythmic is, but also the senseful and cool sounding USAGE, die Anwendung, l´usage, of polyrhythms, like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave DiCenso, Thomas Hake and Dave Weckl - to mention a few - use that stuff.
Click HERE to listen to an excerpt (size: 1,9 MB) of one of the play alongs coming with the book .
If you have any questions, suggestions and/or problems about polyrhythmical playing with x-tuplets, subgroups, beat displacement etc, you are welcome to send me a mail so that I probably can include answers to typical problems that drummers have with this topic into my book.

I´ve transcribed some nice stuff from Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl that they played on the legendary "Buddy Rich Memorial Concert". Click HERE and enjoy! I think this drumbattle with Dave, Steve and Vinnie is some of the coolest stuff that was ever played on the drums.

The riddle about the unknown "Amazing Drummer" on the "" video is solved: it is Bobby Jarzombek from the band "Spastic Ink". Thanks to Trevor
Schrotz for this information!

3 interesting news:
- I´ve posted two new songs of mine...wired and amazing grooves...let the machines inspire us... SPASTIC SALSA and NO WIND . Check it out!
- WWW:YOUTUBE.COM turns out to be a rich source of amazing free drumming videos. Simply type in a drummers name in the "Seek" field...
- As Jim Walent reminded me the Modern Drummer Readers Pool of this year is opened. Click here and vote for me ;-)

Jim Walent - proud father and website designer and webmaster - informed me that Dave´s site will appear redesigned soon. I had an inofficial stuff!
Dave also has been featured in Vater Percussion's February 2006's newsletter. Vater's newsletter includes an Artist Spotlight on Dave DiCenso as well as Stick Selection and New Product info. This can be downloaded here .

Check this out!!: ONE AMAZING DRUMMER Who is this guy??!

New equipment - new sounds...check out SINKING a moodful trip to the moment without Peter Gabriel´s voice....

A happy new year to all and an IMPORTANT NOTE to all of you who bought my drum books at THOMANN or at TIEROLFF MUZIEKCENTRALE:
Please contact me for a personal registration which will give you the option to benefit from my free add-ons (play alongs, sheets, etc.) that I produce specially for working with my books. You then get a password to download this add-ons.

I was busy with my new Steinberg equipment and as a study I created a play along. A special play along: I took the chapter "Eights Grooves 1" from my DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 1 and added some bass, horns and electric guitar to the drum grooves
Have a look
Mainly for BEGINNERS but also fun for ADVANCED DRUMMERS. Enjoy!

Basic exercices for EVERYBODY! For BEGINNERS as well as for ADVANCED DRUMMERS. Enjoy!

New transcription stuff:
DENNIS CHAMBERS shows his class on John Scofield´s PICK HITS .

Enjoy a new TRANSCRIPTION of DAVE DICENSO with mp3 files!
Important: some additional exercises and tips like sticking suggestions this transcriptions will follow soon - so make sure to come back soon!!

A beautiful composition of mine for you: Quiet In The Twilight No sensational drum licks - there are no drums at all - but a moodful ballad based on a lyric by Paul Verlaine.

Hello everybody! I wasn´t lazy the last few weeks...finishing my new piano CD (you can download it for free here soon), getting started with new great software, writing, composing, transcribing and playing...
Look arround the next time, as some cool new transcriptions and some beautiful soundfiles of mine will be posted soon. See Ya!
PS: lots of people asked me which software I used for writing my books: it was Finale Allegro 2002.

3 new sound clips have entered the "Hear Me Play" section: the openning solo from my drumclinic , a nice "Reggea" from Dave Weckl´s "Ultimate Play Along, Level 1, Volume 2" and the testpiece Gardenwall from Dave´s play along "Contemporary Drummer + One".
Check it out !

You can download now PEEPSHOW (5 MB), a song I´ve done in coproduction with my friend Schorsch. Enjoy!

I´ve added MP3s to the
Hendrik Thiesbrummel Transcriptions

Hear my playing along with a Dave Weckl play along (1,8 MB) from his great work "Dave Weckl: Ultimate Play-Along, Level 1, Volume 1.

I´ve transcribed some cool odd measure Double Bass Licks played by the upcoming drumtalent Hendrik Thiesbrummel from Germany. Enjoy!

2 new links not only for drummers: Check out STEVE VAI´S great site with an amazing article about polyrhythms for hardcore maniacs (goto: -> Little Black Dots -> Tempomental), and profund thoughts about the mental aspects of making music (goto: -> Little Black Dots -> Martian Love Secrets).
And - in case you are interested in astronomic software - download the fantastic CELESTIA freeware.

The return of BADMAN

For all of you that are planing on working through Dave Weckls Play Along "For The Contemporary Drummer" or other hard play alongs I have written a DAVE WECKL WORKSHOP . With scores. Enjoy!

Some more BADMAN`S STUFF for free download.

Vinnie´s new website is online:

For my friend Roberto from I´ve started a huge transcription: Manu Katché playing great stuff on "The Badman´s Song" from the legendary Tears For Fears album "The Seeds Of Love". Click HERE and enjoy!

Another FREE ONLINE LESSON: "Tips For A Studiojob" . These tips are resulting from my own experiences and from discussions with Russ Miller and Thomas Lang. This lesson is an excerpt from my Drummethod Volume 2:

is finished and available now. For more infos please click HERE .

Vinnie Colaiuta has informed me that he will take control of his domain ( His new site should be live in a few weeks.

New year - new transcription: Dave Weckel´s drumpart on Mike Stern´s Upside Downside
Also worth a click: TABLE OF CONTENT of my DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2 that will be available in a few days.

Today I´m starting my FREE ONLINE LESSONS FOR DRUMS, as I want to make my knowledge available for everyone. LESSON 1 deals with my "x step method", that I introduced in my TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK.

New transcription! 12 tasteful bars of swing soloing by the great Dave Weckl.

Enjoy a new Vinnie-transcription: Slink from the legendary "Vinnie Colaiuta"- CD.

As I promised you can download now demoscores and mp3s from my
Please CLICK HERE . The book will be available soon- arround end of autumn. More infos will follow.

When I had finished a transcription I played it on the drumset - that´s the best way to find bugs in the scores. During working out the transcriptions on the drumset I had a lot of useful ideas how to solve the technical problems in it. The rudiments of this ideas you can find in "TIPS". If you want more detailed informations, tips and tricks about real modern drummig, then my suggestion is to buy my book "TERRA DRUMMICA- THE DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2" that will be available on my website soon. "TERRA DRUMMICA- THE DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2" and "THE TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK" are connected very close, because I´ve worked on them parallel. The work of transcribing is very inspiring and every transcription gave me many, many new ideas. I collected them, worked them out, tested them with students, improved when necessary and what came out is a school that introduces you seriously into the STATE OF ART of modern drumming from fusion over latin to jazz, introducing you into the fascinating world of ghostnotes, quintuplets, accent-shifting, polyrhythmic playing and thinking, odded measures and how to get real command of your drumset. After working through "TERRA DRUMMICA- THE DRUMMETHOD VOLUME 2" you won´t have any problems to play all the transcriptions here.
I will post some scores and mp3s from this book on my site soon, so stay tuned.
PS: The TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK is available soon !

Rhythm `04 - International Drumseminar in Marktoberdorf! Marktoberdorf,usually a small, unknown town in south- germany meanwhile has reached such a high musiccultural level that many metropols won´t ever meet. The International Drumseminar Rhythm `04 offers once again a staffage of firstclass musicians : Hakim Ludin, Steve Smith, Jeff Hamiliton, Johnny Rabb, Ed Thigpen, Armando Peraza, Russ Miller, Thomas Lang, Juan Carlos Melian and as special guest Karuna Murthy. Check for this!


Pete Erskine gave me his friendly permission for using his drumpart on "Pools" in my book. Another real nice guy! Now everything depends more or less on Vinnie´s permission....The recording labels don´t answer my requests, so maybe I have to give up the dream of offering all transcribed pieces to you on a CD (only the impressive Dave Dicenso- Solo is for shure). Sad to face this and not understandable, because it would be a good advertise for those albums too.... If you have any idea or suggestion, please mail me!!

Good news: Dave Dicenso gave me his "YES".Nice guy! So prepare to meet 115 hardcore-bars of finest drumming with no prisoners taken! To that I added a lot of tips and explanations. Prepare to be stomped!
The other transcriptions are finished too - I´m only waiting for the okays from the artists and the recordingsocieties.
Stay tuned!

Wow! I´m a Dave Dicenso fan now. The reason is a link on Steve Holme`s houseofdrumming site to a great drumsolo by Dave Dicenso. I was so amazed that I´ve transcribed the whole solo and added it to my TERRADRUMMICA-TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK. Let´s face it: nothing for the first drumming lesson, but ideas for the advanced. To give you a pretaste I ´ve put page 1 (of 10 sites) of my transcription and a mp3-file of the transcribed part on this site. Have fun!! My TERRADRUMMICA-TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK should by finished by the end of april. It will not only contain lots of first quality transcriptions of some of the worlds best drummers, but also helpful concepts how to solve technical and rhythmical problems you`ll be confronted with. So stay tuned!!!
PS: On Dave´s site you can find some more fine drumsolos.......

These great DRUMMERS will be featured:
VINNIE COLAIUTA on: Alan Holdsworth"Secrets", Frank Zappa "Joe´s Garage" and "Shut Up And Play Your Guitar","GRP Super Live In Concert", Gino Vanelli "Nightwalker", some more MP3s from Steve Holmes "houseof drumming"
OMAR HAKIM on: Weather Report "Procession", Omar Hakim "Rhythm Deep", Victor Bailey "Bottoms Up"
CHAD WACKERMAN on: Frank Zappa "Them Or Us" and "Does Humor Belong Into Music?"
CHASEY SCHEUERELL on: Jean Luc Ponty "Live At Montreux"
PETE ERSKINE on: Don Grollnik "Pools"
The bugs in "MIDIFILES" and in "HEAR ME PLAY" are repared. Have fun.

Thoughts about Glenn Gould.
At the moment only in german language.

The world has waited for it: my personal collection of MIDI-Files. Look at Midi-Files

TERRADRUMMICA-THE TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK gets more and more concrete. I will feature Vinnie Colaiuta (as you might have guessed), but also Chad Wackerman, Pete Erskine, Omar Hakim and Casey Scheuerell (what he plays on Jean-Luc Ponties´ "Live At Montreux" is an absolut highlight in drumming). Damn, and there is still Tomas Haake who explored new dimensions with MESSUGAH and Franz Di Cioccio and Tony Williams and....ok, looks like there will be TRANSCRIPTIONBOOK VOLUME 1 for first.....

News from the secret transcription laboratory....(see:"Drums:Transcriptions).Thanks for the interest and encouragement to my Transcription-Book! I´m working real hard on it.

An interesting Vinnie Colaiuta-interview to be found at "links".

again impressive Vinniestuff (see: "Drums:Transcriptions") Due to the impressive resonance to my transcriptions, I´m working hard on a TERRA DRUMMICA book full of transcriptions of the best drummers drumming at their best. I don´t know how long it will take to finish it. I guess some months. Meanwhile have fun with the transcriptions on this site. Stay tuned!

some interesting bars of Omar Hakim (see "Drums:Transcriptions")

a new Vinnie transcription (see "Drums:Transcriptions").

under "other compositions" you can find now a piece avec beaucoup de sentiment

In the drumsection you can find two new drumsolos of mine as mp3s.

The piano- and the musictheory/essays-section are opened now. At the moment only in German. Sorry. Translation will follow soon.

I`ve increased my webspace so that you can get MP3s too. Have fun!

Get Hardcore:
Some real hard stuff I´ve transcribed from Vinnie Colaiuta......with MP3.

click here: Five Storks
How to work out a tricky groove of Dave Weckl...

click here: Harte Nüsse knacken 1 Harte Nüsse knacken 2
Read what Vinnie Colaiuta plays on Gino Vanellis` "Nightwalker"-Album.

click here: Stay With Me 1 Stay With Me 2