Check out Ulfs site and also his YOUTUBE - Videos.

Peter is one of the nicest persons I ever learnt to know - and a great drummer too!
Thank you for all Peter.

Get worthful informations about (drum-) recording. Great site!

Rob Gordon´s helpful and contentful drumming site.

Rich site for lovers of percussion & drums, drums, drummers, drumming, percussionists and musicians...full of love and enthusiasm for music.

Don´t miss Roberto Baruffaldi´s fantastic site. You will find tons of profund informations, interviews, photos, transcription - scores and more.

Dave DiCenso.Com
Dave Dicenso´s website with lots of infos about this outstanding drummer. Dave is THE drummer of the future and will soon be recognized as a genius like Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd or Vinnie Colaiuta.
I strongly recommend to check out the MP3s from the "SOUNDS" section!!!!
Fine french website.
Steve Holmes´ fine website mainly about Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl. With a lot of interesting MP3s and videoclips.
Bernhard Castiglioni´s huge site about (nearly) all important drummers. A must.

Vinnie Colaiuta-Interview
An interesting interview with Vinnie.
A lot of good Steve Gadd transcriptions. A real interesting site, worthy to check out the others themes too!
Bill Meligari´s great site with tons of informations about drumming and other interesting stuff. A must!

Vinnie Colaiuta
Very good Site about Vinnie. With large interview.



Alan Berkin
I have found the remarkable piano - website of composer Alan Belkin with tons of informations
about piano technique and practising, composing, orchestration, counterpoint and much more. The main language
is englih. Some of the atricles are available translated into italian, french and german and more translations will follow.

Nikolai Kapustin
Nikolai Kapustin is finally beeing discovered as a composer and pianist who has written and played some of  the most worthful music of the 20th century - and he is still alive and active! He shared his piano teacher with Vladimir Horowitz...
To give a short description of his music: adapt the language of Jazz on old style composition forms like suite, etudes, sonata etc. written by a highly virtous pianist and amazing composer. Sounds suspicious? Listen to his music and you will find a real treasure in todays music!

Charles K. Moss Piano Studio
Don´t miss this great piano site.


Coffee and
Mood-Music für höchste Ansprüche.
Sie finden bei uns sowohl Gemafreie als auch lizenzierte Musikeditionen von höchster Qualität.
Mit Mood-Music schaffen Sie Atmosphäre für ein entspanntes stimmumgsvolles Genießen.

FlexiMusic Mp3 Editor
FlexiMusic turns your home PC into a complete music studio. You will find FlexiMusic products to be fun, easy to use and economical. No matter what your experience level is.

Enjoy the wonderful Drum&Bass soundscapes of this man...he lighted up my fire for
Drum&Bass music. Thanks Al!

Red Devil
In earlier days LM1 produced some great progressive house/ trance tracks that really
kick ass!

Looking for high quality film music, royalty free music and more at fair prices? Then check out this site!

A sheer endless source of wonderful music...dub, chill, drumnbass, jazz and much more. And unbelieveably for free...This site finally convinced me that the true pearls of music don´t have to do with money...not with the waste that oozes out of your TV and radio evry day.

Steve Vai´s great site with an amazing article about polyrhythms for hardcore maniacs (goto: -> Little Black Dots -> Tempomental), and profund thoughts about the mental aspects of making music (goto: -> Little Black Dots -> Martian Love Secrets).

The free mp3 answer to the mainstream bullshit that we are tortured with evertime we turn on our radio or tv.


Unbelieveable 42000 midi-files in mainly good quality.

Software - Computer:
"Answers That Work is the ultimate online HelpDesk for Computer Support, Solutions to PC Problems, Software Support, PC Troubleshooting, Network & Hardware support, with the world's most user friendly interface, and the famous Library of Answers That Work."
I agree....

Electronic Musician
Great site with tons of first class tutorials and informations about the world of electronic music.

Robin Vincent has done a great job in providing a site with ALL basic informations for making music on the PC.
Very useful XP tuning tips for professional audio applications.

Audio PC Tuning

siehe, auf deutsch
Oskari Tammelins´ fantastic musictool for free (on feb. 2003).

Fantastic freeware to have a look into the space arround our little planet.


Lost America
See Troy Pavia´s wonderful photos...: NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE ABANDONED WEST.

1 Photograph
Alexander Bernhard presents his tasteful and high quality photos.

They do stuff.

To read:

The german magazin with the news about jazz and also very fine TRANSCRIPTIONS FOR FREE DOWNLOAD! Appears once a month.